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    What is the purpose of a community you ask?

      I subscribe to ManagingCommunities.com and their most recent post was about Home Depot's community. This really rang true for me when thinking about our own Marketing Nation Community and one of the many goals we have.


      "If I’m Home Depot, and I’m working in community, my job isn't to sell hammers. My job is to show people how to use hammers. Because I showed them how to use hammers, they look at the Home Depot brand in a better light, and when they need hammers, we now have a better chance of them coming to us (i.e. being top of mind). If we helped them, but Lowe’s didn't, surely that is beneficial for us."


      If you are starting to consider building an online community at your company, or even if you already have one that is thriving, this post should give you some good points to consider moving forward. Happy reading!