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    SLA with sales team

      Would anyone be willing to share the SLAs you have in place with your sales teams?  I would like to get some ideas of what should be expected so that I can begin the conversation with my sales team.  
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          Josh Hill

          Marketo has a great slide on this. At least they used to do something like this:

          New Lead: 1 hr to call
          After 3 hrs, email to manager
          After 24 hrs, email to manager's manager.
          After 3 days, 
          After 7 days, CEO.

          If I were running Sales, leads would have to be called back in 1 hr if Fast Tracked or attaining MQL. Failure to do this is very bad.

          Other firms I've seen do:

          MQL: 1 day
          SAL: 7 days
          SQL: 30 days to get to Opp
          Opp: 30-90 days (depends)

          Some firms do SLAs on Opp stages too. Not sure I would go that far except in very specific sales situations where you can close people with that kind of pressure.

          Of course, you need to ensure vacations are accounted for properly.