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    Tracking the most engaged leads

      How are you using Marketo to track your most engaged leads?

      I'd like to be able to send our biz dev team a report (ideally a Salesforce report) every Monday morning that shows them the most engaged leads in the last seven days. We have not yet implemented lead scoring, so this is not yet an option for us.

      Any suggestions or best practices to this end?
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          We send an alert email to the lead owner when a lead fills out more than x number of forms (e.g. resource downloads) in a given timeframe or visits a key webpage. 

          You could add a boolean field to the lead record that a smart campaign scheduled to run each week would set to true if the lead filled out x number of forms and/or visited x number of key web pages, etc. during the prior week.  If the field is synched to Salesforce, you can create a report that is keyed on this. 
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            I like Elliotts suggestion. I'd ask if you actually have Sales Insights fully deployed first, where does the My Best Bets fall short? It's designed to show your hot leads based upon activity. We use the stars to represent relative demographic value so they see who is active and who is in the preferred target range.
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              We are fairly new to Marketo, and haven't implemented scoring rules, so the best bets are not populating yet.