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Tracking source by url parameter

Question asked by 5d15c21126f0fd98ff0daf9ec0befce36ff53834 on Jan 28, 2015
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Hi -

I thought I had this set-up correctly, however, I just ran a report and nothing shows up.  I have a hidden field in a form theat is "Source Campaign" and it is set to be based on get value from - URL Parameter with "source" set as the Parameter Name, so when I go to the URL builder for the landing page the form is on, I can just enter the different parameters for evey event we use this landing page for so the end url we would use, say on a QR Code would be,

However, I cannot pull any analytics via the source.  We use the same lp/form for all the events and just chamge the source in the URl.  I guess that is not the way to do it, becuase I have nothing coming up.  Any ideas? I would like to be able to show a report with both known and anonymous.