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    Global Campaign Operations

      Our organization has in the last year expanded globally. We typically run campaigns out of our corporate office in North America and our regional office may or may not opt in to these programs. Has anyone had experience setting up global programs and have any advice on how best to do this. My concern is as we build these program out we want to ensure we are setting them up so that we can look at the data and reporting post campaign. If we set this all up under on global program is it possible to have sub programs underneath the global or how would we potentially agregate all the data for global reporting but then slice and dice the data for regional reporting. Is this even possible?
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          Hi Richard,

          We run global campaigns in our organization and typically have the campaign owners in the different regions (DACH, Benelux, APAC, France, UK, Americas, etc) clone the "Master" program that has all the product messaging, smart campaigns, assets, etcs all setup accurately for them to localize in their languages. Just make sure to have a standard naming convention that has the region in it so that it will be easy to run reports. We use this naming convention: Territory (EMEA, AMER or WW)_Sub-Region (DACH, UKNE, etc)_Date & Year (0513)_Type(Webinar, Event etc)_Name.

          Hope this helps.
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            Josh Hill
            If you go with Michelle's suggestion, you can also setup Reports and Smart lists to look at specific programs by region or globally.

            If you also setup the folders properly, you should be able to view metrics as well as leverage campaign folder tokens.

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