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    Nurture campaign that launches Smart Campaigns as part of a flow

      I'm building out a Nurture campaign. We have names in our db that are "Untouched" and I'm trying to move them into an "Open" stage. The problem is is that our lead management group will often move "Untouched" leads into our reps "Open" view in SFDC. So... I'm worried that if I start an Untouched Nurture campaign then a name will be stuck in it whether or not their status becomes Open. If it's Open, I want to remove them from the flow...

      My thought is to have a rather manual flow - perhaps launching a Smart Campaign quarterly. Instead of using "wait" and launching an email, I would like to launch a Smart Campaign that builds a new Smart List based on members not in 1st Success Smart List , and lead status not equal to "Open".

      Is it possible call a Smart Campaign from a flow? I see "Request Campaign" but that doesn't seem like it works like I would expect it to.

      Thanks for any help.