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verizon.net email moving to AOL Mail

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Earlier this month Laura Atkins over at Word to the Wise (great blog!) talked about the AOL/Verizon merger.


"Last year Verizon bought AOL. As part of that merger some @verizon.net email is being migrated to the AOL backend. FAQs published by Verizon say this change is only affecting users in FL, TX and CA."


AOL Mail for Verizon Customers - AOL Help



We are viewing this as a good thing on the Email Deliverability Team.  At AOL, the postmaster team is solid, and the sending guidelines and remediation processes are pretty clear and easy. Historically, this has not always so much been the case with Verizon. In context, it probably makes sense to keep AOL as the surviving email platform, even though Verizon was the acquiring company. From this outsider's perspective, AOL seems to have the more evolved email platform.


No need to change email addresses or take an action with this change.  Users will still have @verizon.net addresses but the backend and filtering will be managed by AOL.


NOTE:  Some sub-accounts may not be moved, either because the user forgot about them or because they decided they didn’t want to move them. This may result in a slight increase in “user unknown” bounces from @verizon.net addresses temporarily.

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