Understanding Blacklists: SpamCannibal


The Spam Cannibal DNSBL has been around since at least 2003. 

What is a Blacklist? A DNSBL is a DNS (domain name service) based spam blocking list.

These are also known as blacklists, blocklists, or RBLs.


Listings with this DNSBL were caused by sending mail to spamtraps.


The blacklist was never widely used and seemed to stop working in 2016.


As of May 2018 it has been confirmed that the blacklist is retired and should no longer be used. 

     The domain "" is expired and has been taken over by a different owner.


If you visit the website, be careful! It is reportedly hosting malware now.

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An external blog about this DNSBL - blacklist resource: Status of DEAD

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