CaseConnector - Your New Link to Marketo Support

Level 10
Level 10

With the new Marketing Nation Community, we have an all new way for customers to submit and manage their support cases.  A new application called the CaseConnector.  The CaseConnector is directly integrated with Marketo's case management system and it has been built to be responsive, so if you need to access the CaseConnector on the Marketing Nation Community through your tablet or smartphone, our new case submission solution is optimized for your use.


There are a few different ways to get to the CaseConnector, The simplest and easiest way is using the Create menu.  Just click the Create menu next to your profile avatar and scroll down and click My Cases.


The two other ways of accessing the CaseConnector involve going to your Company Space in the Marketing Nation Community.  From your Company Space simple select My Cases in the sub-menu or from the Action menu, select My Cases.

My Company Space.png            My Company Space2.png                                                      

Once the CaseConnector has launched, select the Create Case tab and the case submission form is all yours to fill out.  Our Marketo Support team is standing by to assist you.



And that's all it takes to submit a case to our team.

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