The January ’20 Release was made generally available on January 17th, 2020.

This release includes the following innovations:





Adobe Experience Manager Asset SelectorQuickly access assets that align with your brand with AEM assets available directly in Marketo Engage. Note: While this feature is available in both our Marketo Sky and classic experiences, the administrative capabilities can be found in our Classic experience. You must be a customer of AEM Assets and have version 6.5 or higher. Please note that this feature does not work in Safari and Chrome v80 browsers.

Microsoft Dynamics: Sync Lead to CRM in Real Time: Real-time syncing of leads and contacts between Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics. Create leads or contacts and see them in Microsoft Dynamics immediately with the "Sync Person to Microsoft" flow action.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Additional Field Mapping: Capture lead data from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to create more relevant experiences for both sales and marketing touchpoints. Pull in hidden fields, consent fields, and the test leads field into Marketo Engage.

Email Template Dependencies API: Get a list of assets that depend on an email template to understand scope of potential changes and address dependencies to templates can be altered and deleted faster.

Multi-Instance Management Enhancements: Navigate to the instance you need quickly with a scrollable and alphabetical dropdown menu of your subscriptions.




(Paid Add-On)


New Account Discovery (BETA): Use Account Profiling (paid add-on) to discover net-new target accounts for your ABM strategy based on your AI-powered ideal customer profile model. View, select, and import recommended new accounts, along with their AI-based fit and intent data indicators, that do not already exist inside your Marketo Engage lead and account database for ABM targeting. Immediately available for qualifying Account Profiling customers.





Image Editing: Access Adobe’s editing capabilities without having to leave Marketo Engage. This new functionality allows you to easily do things like enhance, crop, and add text to images directly in Design Studio.





  (Paid Add-On)


Grid Components: Optimize your Sales Connect instance with new grid customization functionalities. Choose which columns to display, search for columns, select/deselect all columns, and determine how many rows of data you want to see on each page.

Content Lockdown: Maximize brand alignment with a subscription-wide setting that controls whether non-admins have the ability to create and edit templates and campaigns.



  (Paid Add-On)


Salesforce Lightning Bulk Actions: Enhance Sales efficiency and keep buyers engaged with the ability to add up to 200 contacts/leads to campaigns and send them Marketo Engage emails in bulk with Salesforce Lightning.

Mobile Support for Salesforce1: You now have on-the-go mobile access to all Sales Insight features, like Interesting Moments and Web Activities & Emails, right in the Salesforce1 app.

UI Enhancements: Updated interface with enhancements to readability and a design consistent with our Marketo Sky experience.




(Paid Add-On)


LinkedIn Integration: Easily and automatically pull granular ad data straight from LinkedIn. Complex CRM campaign architecting, URL parameters, and manual cost uploads are no longer required to get quality attribution data for your LinkedIn sponsored content ads.





TLS 1.0 & 1.1 Deprecation: In a continued effort to integrate with Adobe's release structure, we are shifting the deprecation of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 to January 13, 2020. More detailed information can be found here

ITP 2.1+ Munchkin Update: Due to changes to the cookie policy for Safari, Munchkin's ability to track users across sessions on the same domain will be limited by ITP to either 1 or 7 days based on the browser and browser version used by the visitor. To account for this, we are implementing a new web service to allow Munchkin cookies to be set with a Set-Cookie header via HTTP response. More information about how to implement this new service can be found here




For reference, the January '20 Release Notes can be found here