The February '20 Release was made generally available on February 21st, 2020.

Released on February 21st:


Microsoft Dynamics Flow Action to Change OwnerMaintain control of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with the ability to change a lead/contact owner directly from Marketo Engage. This is an enhancement to our Native CRM Integration capability.


User Management APIs: Automate User and Role management through external identity and org management systems. This is an enhancement to our API calls capability.


Custom Object Schema APIs: Automatically manage and provision custom object schemas across instances in Marketo Engage to keep data models consistent across your sales and marketing tools. This API allows you to define and test custom objects in a sandbox or center-of-excellence and provision as many instances as needed. This is an enhancement to our API Calls capability. Please contact your Marketo Engage representative to learn how to get access to this enhancement.


Landing Page Redirect Rules APIs: Automate management of landing page redirect rules with the new Landing Page Redirect Rules API. This is an enhancement to our API Calls capability.


Releasing Throughout the Quarter:


(Paid Add-On)

The following are enhancements to our Premium Multi-Touch Attribution capability


Account-Based Segmentation: Analyze attribution at the Account level with the ability to create segments and filters for Discover Boards based on Account attributes. These new segments will give you the power to drill down into your account-based marketing performance.


Saving Filters: Save dashboard-specific filters unique to each user to analyze your dashboards consistently and with ease time and time again.


Export to PDFShare valuable insights across your organization by exporting Bizible dashboards as PDFs.



(Paid Add-On)

The following are enhancements to our Sales Connect capability


Compose Window Updates:Connect with buyers with impactful sales experiences as we streamline the process for selecting templates and sending emails through Sales Connect. Use the compose window in our web client and Salesforce as your one-stop-shop for sellers to communicate with buyers via email with the ability to save template categories, schedule emails, send emails in bulk, and send emails with view and click tracking.


Command Center UpdatesWe are rebuilding the Sales Connect Command Center to give sellers insight into all of their Emails, Calls, and Tasks that have been initiated from Sales Connect. They can also view information like email engagement and deliverability all from the Command Center.




For more information on this release, check out the February '20 Release Notes.