The Fall ’18 Release was made generally available on October 12th, 2018.

​This release includes the following innovations:



Drive more pipeline and revenue by empowering sales with the intelligence, content, playbooks, and analytics to convert more of your leads into sales opportunities.

SFDC Lightning CRM Support: Optimize the new SDFC Lightning experience with Marketo Sales Engage for smarter engagement across the entire customer journey

Microsoft Outlook as a Delivery Channel: Improve deliverability rates and response tracking by leveraging Microsoft Outlook for email engagements

Improved Admin Workflows: With three new settings pages (General, Salesforce, and Team Management) and real-time password validation, admins can enable their teams to drive value faster and more securely than ever.

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Experience the bold new look and feel and enjoy improved usability, all based on customer feedback.

Redesigned Marketing Activities Homepage

Keep a pulse on existing campaigns and programs with key information and metrics.

Design Studio Updates

Work faster and smarter with new asset management features and bulk action capabilities.

Prioritization of Trigger Campaigns

Drive more customer success by ensuring their inclusion in the campaign that fits them best.

Default Programs Now Available

The platform's most versatile program type now has full functionality in Marketo Sky.

Import Tokens

Users can now import tokens from one program or folder to another.

People Actions

Any user can now run flow actions directly from the program members grid

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Marketo Bizible

With the acquisition of Bizible now complete, Marketo offers a market-leading platform to give marketers full visibility into the complete buying journey and insight into the ROI of every marketing dollar.

NEW! Bizible Discover

Deeply understand your team's impact on Pipeline, Revenue, and ROI through powerful multi-touch attribution functionality.

Reduce Dependency on your CRM System

Drive value through attribution data immediately, without adding an additional package or solution.


Marketo Performance Insights

Get powerful insights from the analytics platform that provide unified, normalized every-touch attribution data in a powerful and easy-to-use interface – so you can easily demonstrate impact, identify trends, and improve performance.

ABM Named Account Filter

Understand marketing's impact on high-profile opportunities by optimizing dashboards by filtering on specific accounts.

Usability/UI Enhancements

Alerts: Performance Insights now shows an icon that informs the user of all active alerts regarding data quality issues and setup notifications.

Data Quality: Marketers are now alerted when acquisition dates are missing from contact records so they can find and correct any issues and ensure accurate reporting.

Reporting Precision: Hone in on the right data at the right time with time-range specifications and scale-to-fit bar charts for easy historical comparisons.

Engagement by Activity Date

Drive informed, well-rounded spending decisions with added flexibility in reporting based on individual preferences of metrics

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Support for Multiple Workspaces

Businesses with multiple regions, divisions, or brands can optimize separate Web Personalization workspaces.

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Lead Map REST APIs

Marketo now supports the use of email-disposition fields over the Lead APIs, including Black Listed, Marketing Suspended, Email Suspended, and Relative Urgency.


Ad Networks Integration

New refresh tokens within our retargeting and LinkedIn Lead Gen Form solutions extend the amount of time before re-authentication is required.

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