The August ’19 Release was made generally available on August 16th, 2019.

This release includes the following innovations:





Extensible Webinar Framework: Save valuable time with our new out of the box webinar framework, previously introduced in the Winter ‘19 Release Notes, that seamlessly passes data from webinar providers into Marketo and vice versa to streamline your lead flow with just a click. Cvent and Zoom are now available in this new framework.

Smart Campaign API Update: Manage Smart Campaign lifecycle capabilities as we add delete and update capabilities to round out the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) interface.

Update Email Headers API Change: The Update Email Header API no longer requires that an email have an attached template to update header fields, such as subject line.



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LinkedIn Account Matching General Availability: Now all ABM customers can harness the power of account-based targeting on LinkedIn as Account Matching comes out of beta and becomes generally available. This features is out of the box for ABM customers.

Account Profiling In-App Name Change: Please note that AccountAI is officially being rebranded in the UI to reflect its new name, Account Profiling.





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Onboarding: Start coordinating Sales and Marketing faster than ever with a step-by-step walkthrough guiding new users through how to set up your Marketo Sales Connect instance. Please note that this will be released after the standard release cycle.

People Page Layout Enhancements: Manage your people and groups with ease through list imports and bulk actions in the new people page layout.



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 LinkedIn Integration: Easily and automatically pull granular ad data straight from LinkedIn. Complex CRM campaign architecting, URL parameters, and manual cost uploads are no longer required to get quality attribution data for your LinkedIn sponsored content ads.




For reference, the August '19 Release Notes can be found here.