What are customers saying about Subscribe to Smart Lists?

I asked the ​ what they thought about and how it was helping them do their jobs and this is what they had to say!

"This has already helped us share campaign success with not only other departments who have no access to Marketo but also with partners. Now they can receive in real-time (at the frequency they wish) the list of individuals who have registered to our joint-activities and who are coming from their sources. Less work for our field marketing team. More reactivity for the others." -  , Sr. Manager, Online Marketing Programs at Talend

"Subscribe to smart lists is the antidote to all the 'can you please pull me that list again' requests that weigh down your to-do list. Smart lists are an incredibly powerful way of segmenting your database, and now the precious data they contain can reach the people who need them most with no manual effort! Three huzzahs for fewer tedious tasks and more automation." - Justin Norris, Sr. Consultant at Perkuto

"Love the new automated Smartlist capabilities which we have begin to infuse into our clients' No Lead Left Behind programs. Now Sales and Marketing can receive daily digests of leads that provide intelligence into the lead lifecycle. Examples include daily leads that hit MQL, overdue MQLs and yesterday's demo registrants." - , President at RevEngineMarketing

"At STANLEY, we market to each business vertical differently, and each member of our team is responsible for managing one or two of these verticals. The new smart list subscription functionality elevates our awareness of inbound lead gen for each of our verticals, and enables us to speak intelligently to our program’s general effectiveness before we even have a chance to run a report. Basically, it helps us know more, faster. Perhaps best of all, though, it strengthens our relationships with our sales leaders by opening up a constant channel of collaboration. We’re constantly tinkering, and are extremely excited to see how this new feature will help us streamline our reporting processes." - , Marketing Specialist at STANLEY Security

"Subscribe to Smart List is SUCH a helpful feature for keeping colleagues aware of the current state of marketing campaigns. There have been so many times over the years that I've wanted this feature, I wish I could have voted for it hundreds of times myself. Whether it's keeping an up-to-date record of all registrants for an event, or a list of people that my team needs to take additional action on, this is a feature that I'm VERY excited to see live."  - , LeanData

"With Subscribe to Smart Lists, I can say "yes" when my manager or Sales asks for a complex crosstab to be sent automatically to their inbox. This made my Marketo year!" - ​, Marketing Technologist and Consultant at Marketing Rockstar Guides

"Our Marketing Automation team at CA Technologies is extremely excited to be able to leverage the new subscription capability for smart lists. Many times we have been asked if we could provide the detailed leads view with customized field columns to Marketing managers that work outside of Marketo and we are now able to accommodate those requests with minimal effort. This capability was released just in time for CA World and it’s makes our team look even more agile to have the ability to communicate actual registration details in an automated email to our broader Marketing teams for immediate C-level visibility. Being a global company we also appreciate that with this new feature Marketo has taken steps to protect prospect privacy as a link is provided to the subscriber to download the file within the automated email - as opposed to previous methods of attaching excel spreadsheets or having to upload the file to a protected online repository for access.”-   Director of Marketing Automation and Technology at CA Technologies


"I love this feature, it gives my clients the ability provide a level of reporting to their colleagues and bosses that they were not before able to automate. It is really useful for things like webinar/event registration and attendance, and sharing lead information.with those that do not have access to Marketo."  - Jason Hamilton, Sr. Marketo Consultant at Revenue Pulse

"Subscribing to smartlists allows me to send very specific lead lists to the business. It also allows me to flag records which need our attention on a daily basis (e.g. for data quality)." , Global Marketing Operations Manager at Quintiq