Marketo Continues Best-In-Class Integration with Salesforce for Customers

Marketo continues to invest in and create value for customers through our strategic partnership with  Because of this, we’re excited to share some news with you on our continued commitment to our partnership.  We recently extended our partner agreement for an additional 3 years and we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our plans for your continued success.

Marketo will remain best in class:

  • Customers and analysts (Gartner, Forrester) unanimously single out Marketo for having the best integration with Salesforce in the industry.
  • Marketo’s integration has unique features, such as self-healing sync – i.e. when a new object, custom object or object field is added to Salesforce CRM it is automatically reflected in Marketo. This minimizes the time you need to spend managing the integration. This is not true with any other marketing automation solution.

Marketo will continue to invest in our Salesforce CRM integration to ensure we’re providing the most advanced capabilities to help our customers.  Our Salesforce CRM integration roadmap includes new features, as well as a migration to our upgraded platform (code-named Project Orion), which will result in up to 10x improvement in scale and performance.

We’ll continue to provide updates as we deliver these enhancements and you can always find the latest news in The Marketing Nation community.


Cheryl Chavez

VP of Product Experience (PM & UX)

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