How to import List into MS Dynamics to update Lead/Contact Records?

                                                   This article is ONLY valid for Marketo-MS Dynamics integration.

WHEN? In a situation where Data in Fields that are blocked from update in Marketo failed to sync over to the corresponding CRM Fields at the first place.

REASONS: Fields wrongly mapped, not visible to the Marketo sync User in CRM, system failure, Read-Only Fields in CRM. You may want to update those Fields in MS Dynamics (E.g. Inferred City, Lead Source, etc...) at some stage, here is what you can do.

1. Export Lead/Contact Records from your CRM with the Fields that you would like to update

1.1   Create a Quick View Form to make sure only records with required Fields are exported

In the default solution, using the solution explorer, expand the Entities node and select the entity you want to create a new quick  view form for.

Expand the entity and select the Forms node.

Choose New and select Quick View Form. This will open the form editor.

In the form editor, choose Form Properties in the Form group of the Home tab.

In the Form Properties dialog box, enter a Form Name and Description

to differentiate this quick view form from any others and close the Form Properties dialog box.

Edit the form to add the fields you want.

In this scenario, I will be updating the Lead Source Field under Lead Entity.


1.2   You can now export the List using the EXPORT TO EXCEL option


1.3   The exported File will look like the following:


Note that there are hidden columns on this file, once you edit them, the file will be corrupted. They are very important while importing the final List to update the records in MS Dynamics. They are used to identify the targeted Leads/Contacts so they can be updated accordingly.  This is how the file will look when you unhide them.


Do not unhide those 3 Columns otherwise the file will be corrupted. If you attempt to do so, you will get an error when you try to import the List later into Microsoft Dynamics.

2. Update exported File accordingly


Note that if the number of records to be updated is huge, you may consider exporting the List of Leads in question from the related Marketo instance. Again, only with the required Fields (E.g. Full Name, Email & Lead Source).

Sort the two Lists alphabetically from A to Z to make sure the Marketo List records in cell 1, 2,3… match the corresponding CRM ones. Then copy all data in the Lead Source Field from the Marketo List and paste it into the CRM one. This can be done also by VLOOKUP ( The final List should look like the one above:


2.1   Save the List as .csv file.  Other supported formats:

  • Text (.txt)
  • Compressed (.zip)
  • Excel Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml)
  • Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

Note that the maximum file size allowed for .zip files is 32 MB. For the other file formats, the maximum file size allowed is 8 MB.

2.2   Now import the updated List into CRM by clicking on IMPORT DATA



2.3   Select the file to be imported into Microsoft Dynamics from its location


When you proceed, you will be asked to map the Marketo Fields with the CRM ones accordingly if required during the process as shown below:


Continue with next steps until completion.

2.4   Result – Lead Source Field updated successfully in your CRM


  All done!