How 2B Fearless with Fearless 50 Member, Carissa Russell

In this edition of the How 2B Fearless series, we sat down with Carissa Russell, who is not only a Fearless 50 member, but also a Marketo Champion. Carissa shares what being a fearless marketer means for her and what that has meant for her career.

What does fearless marketing mean to you?

Continually learning while keeping an open mind. It is so easy to get stuck in the “way we always do things” and to not question your processes. It can be scary to challenge processes, especially when you’re the only one. Before making a decision to stay the course or make a change, look at all the options. Technology is constantly evolving so make sure you’re always challenging yourself/your team to be the best you can be and to spend your time in the right places.

Who is a fearless marketer you look up to and why?

I look up to a lot of my peers. There are so many intelligent and thoughtful people within the marketing automation community. Every time I go to a local user group or browse my LinkedIn feed, I’m learning something new from one of them. I think it’s easy to look for influencers when you’re in marketing, but where I find the most insight and opportunity to grow personally is from knowing and working with peers in my field.

How did your career start out in marketing?

When I was in school, this career path didn’t exist. I am where I am at today because I was not afraid to take a leap of faith and try something new. I started out in coding, which led me into web design. That path eventually led me to the new area of Marketing Operations. As I worked with Marketo in Marketing Operations, I discovered I had found a home for combining my passion for creating good customer experiences with my ability to code.

How did you get to the point you are at in your career today?

Because I am open to new technology and projects, I ended up with a lot of skills from working in different platforms that have supported me throughout my career. Keeping an open mind to try new things is the key to staying on the crest of the MarTech wave. Getting into a technology field is committing to a life of learning, trying and failing, and picking yourself up and succeeding, so go for it!

What have you learned from other members of the Fearless 50?

To be yourself, even if it you don’t feel like you fit the typical “marketer” mold. I’ve watched a number of Marketo Fearless 50 members and Champions with varied backgrounds do amazing things in the marketing community, from blogging on national platforms to speaking on stage at major conferences. Seeing them gives me the confidence that I have something to offer the marketing automation community as well.

What are three pieces of advice you would give to the next generation of fearless marketers?

#1.) It should feel scary. When you understand the full scope of things, a new opportunity can be intimidating. If you’re taking new opportunities that don’t make you feel a bit intimidated, are you taking a big enough leap? The opportunities that make you scared are the perfect opportunities to grow.

#2.) Share your knowledge. It’s easy to control everything yourself, but is it worth it? Empower your peers by sharing what you know. It will always be more rewarding than trying to do it all yourself.

#3.) Keep an open mind. Seek out the people that make you look at things differently. You may not always know the best way and having people who challenge you daily can make you better in your role.

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