In our June 2022 release notes, we have announced that functionality Forms 1.0 assets will be completely removed from Marketo Engage including the ability for form submissions to be made to the leadCapture/save endpoint. This change will irreversibly break Forms 1.0 assets on Marketo Engage Landing Pages or embedded in external websites so that they can no longer accept submissions. Our modern Forms asset, Forms 2.0, will continue to be supported and will face no interruptions.


To aid in identifying which Forms 1.0 assets are in your subscription we have created a tool accessible by users with the Admin role. To use the tool, follow these instructions:


  1. Navigate to Admin -> My Account. Take note of your data center in the “Support Information” panel.

  2. In your URL bar, navigate to app-[your data center]

  3. In the tool, click “Get Form 1.0 List”. Your list of Forms 1.0 assets are returned.


    Each Form name is a hyperlink that will open in a new tab to the Form Asset page where you can view more information including what Marketo Landing Pages the Form is used on. Only references to Marketo Landing Pages will be of concern; references to these Forms will continue to work in Smart Lists filters.



The Forms 1.0 assets will be disabled on October 14, 2022 with no option for extensions or exceptions. Please complete your review of your form usage beforehand and replace any in-use Forms 1.0 asset with an equivalent Forms 2.0 asset.