Flash End-of-Life - updates to data visualizations in Marketo Engage

What’s changing? 

On October 16, 2020Marketo will deploy new versions of line, bar, column and pie charts throughout the Marketo Engage Application.  This includes all reporting features, as well as data visualizations that appear in the Marketing Activities screen. 


How will this change impact customers? 

Customer impact will be minimal.  The content of the new visualizations will be identical to that of the previous oneswith some improvements to axis labels and legend positioning to maximize use of the plot area. 


Why is this change being made? 

The previous visualizations were implemented using Adobe Flash, which will reach its official end-of-life on December 31st, 2020, and as a result the charts needed to be rebuilt using a different charting library. 


What customer action is required? 

No customer action is required.  The new visualizations will automatically appear in the Marketo application following Marketo’s product release on October 16, 2020.