Duplicate Fields Filter – Case-Sensitive Field Comparison Change

The Duplicate Fields filter can be used to identify duplicate person records based on a field.  Typically, the Email field is used for this purpose, but other fields may be used as well (Full Name, Last Name, SFDC Type, UpdatedAt).  In Q1 2021 we will be making a change to the comparison behavior of the Duplicate Fields filter.  The comparison will be case-sensitive for all fields except for Email.


Legacy Behavior

Match was case-insensitive for all supported fields.


New Behavior

Match remains case-insensitive for Email field, but changes to case-sensitive for remaining supported fields.



Here is a smart list named Duplicates that uses Duplicate Fields filter with Full Name filter.


Since legacy behavior is case-insensitive, the two person records below qualify for the list.  This is because a case-insensitive comparison between “wilma flintstone” and “Wilma Flintstone” is true.


The new behavior is that neither of the two person records above qualify for the list.  This is because a case-sensitive comparison between “wilma flintstone” and “Wilma Flintstone” is false.


Customer Impact

If using only the Email field in Duplicate Fields filter, then no impact.  If using any of the other supported fields, then fewer persons are likely to match the filter.