Zoom/Marketo Integration — How do we get attendance update in Marketo

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Zoom/Marketo Integration — How do we get attendance update in Marketo


We have the Marketo/Zoom integration set up through LaunchPoint and have referenced the below resources to try and get this up and running: 



All documentation seems to be outdated and/or incomplete. Through LaunchPoint we have no problem setting up the event and pushing registrations from Marketo --> Zoom. Our issue is with getting the attendance information to flow back from Zoom --> Marketo. 


Attendance information in Zoom:

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 1.57.24 PM.png

What comes through in Marketo program: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 1.58.01 PM.png

In this example 'Suzanne' attended the webinar but 'Sami' did not. What happens in Marketo is that both appear as a no-show and a ghost contact is create with no name or email address as the attended. 


Has anyone else experienced this? Or, do you have a set of complete instructions on all flow actions that need to be included in our program to get the correct information to come through?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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Re: Zoom/Marketo Integration — How do we get attendance update in Marketo

You are absolutely right, @Suzanne_McKee, all the documentation on the MArketo/Zoom integration is completely outdated. The Launchpoint integration is easy to set up but has so few features that it is almost useless.

  •  No ability to map custom fields
  • No ability to automatically sync attendee data back from Zoom to Marketo after the webinar concludes


We have a similar issue where we can push the registrants from Marketo to Zoom but we don't get the attendance/no-show information back from Zoom into Marketo.


I had automated emails set up in Marketo to send to Attendees vs. No Shows after our Zoom webinars and, because Marketo wouldn't receive the updated data from Zoom automatically at the end of the event, we ended up sending No Show emails to everyone who had registered - pretty embarrassing and not at all expected.


I've had to resort to manually refreshing the sync between Marketo and Zoom right after each event in order to get the attendance from Zoom and postpone sending out the post-event follow-ups.

I would be interested to hear from others how they have set up their Marketo-Zoom integration.

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Re: Zoom/Marketo Integration — How do we get attendance update in Marketo

I'm having the same issue - there are quite a lot of nuances and considerations when integrating the two platforms that aren't covered in any of the documentation available online (and on both Adobe and Zoom sites) - it's all very high-level and it is taking a lot of trial and error for something that should be very straightforward and what I would imagine to be a very popular feature.