Zoom Attendees and No Show Issue

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Zoom Attendees and No Show Issue

My marketo is connected with zoom. Attendees were not being updated in in marketo (my both attendees and no show smart campaign were already activated) once the webinar is over all the attendees were showing in No shows. What i did was i went into event actions and selected the option refresh with webinar it worked. I can see the attendees now. But now they are also showing in No Shows smart campaign as well. Can someone help on this. 63 is the smart campaign for no shows and has the attendees as well.




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Re: Zoom Attendees and No Show Issue

Things to check

  1. are you using the current native Zoom integration? They deprecated the old webhook+API and I know I've seen this exact issue.
  2. Are you sure your smart campaigns are working?
  3. Check logs on both sides if you can.