Zapier anonymous lead association

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Zapier anonymous lead association


I've got forms on my website populating Marketo leads through Zapier's "Create of Update Lead" action (data flow is website form -> Zapier webhook -> Marketo). This does not, however, create an association with the user's Munchkin cookie / anonymous lead data. Has anyone found a way to make this association happen without having to introduce additional API calls to associateLead? I would have thought that there would be a way to pass the Munchkin cookie to the action and have it associate with the lead, but can't figure out how to make this work.


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Re: Zapier anonymous lead association

Let's step back for a second. The best way to use a custom form and preserve all Marketo forms functionality (including automatic Munchkin session association) is to use a hidden Marketo form on your site.  That's where you should be looking first.

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Re: Zapier anonymous lead association

If you really cannot go with Sanford's recommandation (which is really the preferred one), the other possibility is to capture Marketo cookie (mkt_trk) value and pass it with Zapier to a Marketo field then call the save2 endpoint from a Marketo webhook.