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Does anyone use Workspaces. How are they set up and what are best practices for using Workspaces? There are not much resources out there regarding this topic. Also does anyone use them in any way apart from by region?

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Re: Workspaces

Hi Ryan Naja​ ,

Work-spaces are very useful and in some Business used cases, an absolute requirement

pastedImage_1.png- You can find the details in the Marketo product docs about Create a New Workspace - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation and Create a Person Partition - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation .

The below resources are also absolutely great, which you might want to go through, to understand more about work-spaces and partitions.

#KREWECHATS Episode 5: Workspaces and Lead Partitions

Video Link : 1636

Working with a duplicate rule with Workspaces and Partitions

Hope that helps!

Best Always,

Karan Hari

Karan Hari
Senior Product Manager - Marketo Engage
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Re: Workspaces

We use workspace. As Karan mentioned the workspace applicable when you have multiple business units/product line. Some benefits of using workspace are:

  • It helps organizing the marketing stuff for specific business unit
  • You can give permissions to the Marketo users for specific workspace only. So they do not get distracted
  • It helps you enforcing branding (You can create tokens on the top level folder for color schema/web-site link, privacy policy links etc)
  • You can create separate lead partitions and assign specific lead partition(s) to the workspace. It help making sure that you will not end up sending emails to your whole database.
  • Lead partitions also help you being more complaint as only folks who really need to access the data will have access to it. For example, if you have EMEA, NA, ACAP regional team and wanted to make sure that only EMEA team is able to access the EMEA database and NA and ACAP should not see those records, you can achieve that easily.

Check out the links that Karan shared, you will learn in detail on how you should be customizing and using the workspace and lead partitions.