Workspaces and email from field

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Workspaces and email from field

Can sub-brands use their own organizational name in the email from field of their Workspaces? 

As the manager of the default/global Workspace, it makes me nervous about our deliverability & reputation. 


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Re: Workspaces and email from field

Hi Jane,


The From name likely doesn't have much of an impact on deliverability. I've read before that having an individual From name (e.g. "Jane Doe") rather than a generic one (e.g. "Company Marketing") may be a positive factor on opens (particularly if the name is recognizable), but I'm not sure what the data shows today.


If they want the From Address to use the brands' individual domains (such as, you would want to set up SPF and DKIM for each domain. This would have an impact on deliverability; these protocols demonstrate that Marketo is authorized to send on behalf of those domains.



Beth Massura

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Re: Workspaces and email from field

(No reason to set up SPF if it’s a standard shared Marketo instance, of course.)