Why won't my list data upload?

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Why won't my list data upload?

Hiya, I'm trying to upload data to a list. When I upload the data, I get an error message: '3 fields ignored. Learn More'

There were more than three fields missing, firstly.
Regardless of whether I ignore this, or I assign a field to every single --IGNORE--, I still can't click next.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Re: Why won't my list data upload?

You should try updating your file to have the column names match the name of the field in Marketo. Use filters or Admin>Field Management to see this list.

You also should be able to choose the actual field instead of Ignore. In theory, Ignore should let you continue as long as Email Address is mapped.

If you still cannot move forward, ask Support. could just be a UI bug.