What's the Best Campaign You've Ever Done?

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What's the Best Campaign You've Ever Done?

Here's the latest in our weekly discussion series based on the "Engage to Win" workbook . This week's topic is: Engagement improves return on your marketing investment. What was the best campaign you were ever involved in? Why did it work? What did you learn?

You can take a look at Steve's recent blog for additional background.

We know you're all doing awesome things -- can't wait to hear about your best campaigns!

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Re: What's the Best Campaign You've Ever Done?

One of the last campaigns I ran in my previous role definitely ranks highly. We were already giving customers the opportunity to choose how frequently we contacted them, but decided to see how far we could push this and what impact it would have in that first week after opportunity creation.

Effectively, we built a proof of concept nurture program which randomly split new customers into a 7x weekly, 3x weekly, or 1x weekly nurture stream. All streams had the same content - a series of heavily dynamic emails based on product and lifecycle stage. New leads sat in the program for 7 days, and were then pushed back to our standard nurture. After two solid months of testing, the campaign reached a comfortable significance: the 7x weekly stream had a 30% higher EOF conversion rate than the 1x weekly stream, showed no drops in email engagement, and surprisingly to me, a lower unsubscribe rate than any of the other streams.

Was quite a nice positive note to leave that role on! And a great learning for me that sometimes your gut isn't right. I wasn't surprised that the 7x weekly had some positive impacts on conversion, but was shocked that it had such a strong impact, and that it didn't come at a high unsubscribe cost.