What happens with a lead in an engagement program when the email is updated in SF?

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What happens with a lead in an engagement program when the email is updated in SF?


I have an email engagement program set to run monthly to a list only from Salesforce contacts that is used by our sales executives as a long term way of communication with prospects. They are able to request the campaign from SF. Some cases require to update the email after it was added to the campaign, we had a bunch of mispelled emails and some generic addresses updated for actual contacts like support@example.com -> jdoe@example.com under the same SFDC full ID/contact. I knew it would create some kind of trouble but I'm not 100% sure what.


-> Contact is added from Salesforce to an engagement program in Marketo

-> Soft bounces 2 months 

-> at third monthly email, it hard bounces

-> Sales executive updates the email in Salesforce

-> ?? what will that contact receive? Does the sales executive has to remove it and add it again or the program will just continue for them? it wont receive the emails because it hard bounced once? I dont bother and just remove people that constantly soft bounce?

Also, two months ago we had a problem with our IP being blacklisted. We contacted Marketo support and they told us it was not our problem but another client under the same IP... so a bunch of contacts from the same email program hard bounced because that blacklist. Those contacts were OK and checked by the sales exec, they won't receive future emails?

We have trained our sales exec to have better practices with emails and contacts, but not all of them are following the rules so I would like to know exactly what happens with these scenarios.


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Re: What happens with a lead in an engagement program when the email is updated in SF?

If a person'a record hard bounces, check if anything in your system is marking them email invalid.  If it is, Marketo will not send an email to that person.  If a person's email address is updated, and their record is still marked as email invalid then they will not receive the email.  You can set up a smart campaign that is triggered off of email address is changed, flow step put them on a list and then you can inspect the list manually and reset their email invalid to false. 

Just check to see if those folks that did not receive the email the last time were marked as email invalid.