What do I keep when we re-launch Marketo with a new instance?

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What do I keep when we re-launch Marketo with a new instance?


I'm preparing to stand up a fresh new instance of Marketo. At this point the instance I inherited is a little muddy. Our database has been neglected for a long time, we have over 27,000 duplicates and the data we have collected just sits in our instance and doesn't go anywhere because our proprietary "CRM" doesn't allow Marketo to send it any data. We have over 100 custom fields that IT "gave" the marketing department in Marketo after they got rid of Salesforce and built an in-house customer database with little-to-no marketing automation support. So we have a series of poorly-named and un-used fields plus leftover fields from when we used to used Salesforce. 

Now we are cleaning the messy data and getting a real enterprise-level CRM again, so we are going to start with a new Marketo instance, but I am not sure what to keep and what to toss. I'd love to hear from anyone with experience in re-launching Marketo or what you may have done when you inherited a poor implementation of Marketo.

Thanks in advance!!


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Re: What do I keep when we re-launch Marketo with a new instance?

Hi Adrienne Sandrin‌ - There are lots of other discussions about this topic in the community that you'll likely want to read through and you'll probably find this interesting as well: To renovate or rebuild? Marketo's own journey to a new instance . This is a recording from Summit about Marketo's own experience going through an instance overhaul. 

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Re: What do I keep when we re-launch Marketo with a new instance?

Hi Adrienne,

What you keep and what you throw out is entirely up to you - however, there are a few things to consider migrating as a minimum. Generally, I identify what operational requirements I have that are must-haves (Unsubscribe, Web Forms e.g. Contact Us, Email Authentication, Integrations & Webhooks etc) and make sure these have been migrated, updated, and improved on where possible.

Outside of that, this is a rad opportunity for you to run a review process of your existing Marketo instance.

  • Does lead scoring exist? What needs updating and what could be migrated?
  • What lead nurturing exists? What learnings could we take from this?
  • Are we sending too many emails? Do we need to review our communication limits?
  • Did our folder/program/naming structure work like we wanted?

Make sure you you have a thorough plan in place when migrating accounts. You want to make sure you're setting things up to work for the business and that can sometimes be a bit tricky. Marketo's professional services team - or even an agency partner - could help provide assistance during this process.