Webinars drip and nurtures

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Webinars drip and nurtures

Hi there,

Has anyone done a topic based drip and nurture and then added leads from a webinar to a marketo to it? How would you do this?

I use brighttalk to host webinars - would you only add leads that were were watching webinar replays/live viewers? But only add those leads if they have opted into your companies marketing comms?


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Re: Webinars drip and nurtures

Hi there Lizzie,

Your best bet would be to make sure your webinar tool is integrated with Marketo. This will ensure that all leads (Registered, Attended, Did Not Attend etc) are pushed through to Marketo. If your event program has been set up with the corresponding statuses, then you'll easily be able to identify where leads are at within your webinar journey.

From there, you can decide who to add to your drip or engagement nurture program and funnel them through to the corresponding stream/program via a smart campaign (e.g. if Program Status = Attended/Attended on Demand, then add to engagement program XYZ, stream ABC).

Marketo has some great information that can help with any of the above.

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