Webinar Status "Functionality"

Level 4

Webinar Status "Functionality"

A blog post about the Marketo exam I read stated,

"Know the functionality that the webinar integration gives you at each step of the process (invite, register, attend, no show, attend on demand)"

I remember seeing a question on the exam that dealt with what each status meant, but I'm not sure what is meant by "functionality".  Could anyone clear this up for me?


Level 10

Re: Webinar Status "Functionality"

Hey Nick,

"Functionality" is intended to refer to what happens at each step if you do have an integration that would not happen if you didn't. Examples might include features like unique viewing links for each registered attendee, and attendee information syncing between the two systems.

Some of these features may vary depending on the platform - you can find more specific details here: Create an Event - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation