Webinar provider recomendations

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Webinar provider recomendations

Hi everyone!

We are looking at possibly swapping out our GoToWebinar globally as it is feeling a little old and dusty. Can anyone recommend any webinar providers that are integrated but offer a much more engaging and modern experience please? We are hoping for the ability of producing and sharing more video content, engagement polls and the usual fun and games that stuffy webinars need to pep them up

Thanks all!

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Re: Webinar provider recomendations

Hi Adele,

You would better stick with one the launchpoint solutions in order to keep the benefits from the Marketo integration.

I got some very good feedback from on24. But it is more expensive than GtW.


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Re: Webinar provider recomendations

What features would be better? You should go through that internal RFP process and think about the customer experience, then decide on 2 or 3 to try.

Are you sure that polls are really welcome? Webinars as a whole are less exciting than they were 5 years ago.