Webinar Promotion Best Practices

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Webinar Promotion Best Practices

Hi Marketo Community! Rather than technical support here, I am really looking for any suggestions you all might have on webinar promotion via email. Maybe what has worked well for your company!


My company does roughly 4-5 webinars per month. We currently promote webinars weekly through email by using a "focused digest" email template. This essentially has a focused webinar at the top and the upcoming webinars below that, somewhat like a webinar newsletter. We aren't seeing great engagement with this though.


We really don't want to go back to promoting webinars on an individual basis, simply because we are trying to free up time spent on day-to-day emails to focus more on the strategy behind our email program as a whole. 


Does anyone have any "success stories" with promoting webinars via email? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated, thank you!



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Betreff: Webinar Promotion Best Practices

Hello Jamie,


well, the standard way is promoting webinars through mono-thematic emails. One webinar, one email. From my experience that works well.


You're saying you're multi-thematic approach doesn't create sufficient engagement, yet you don't want to "go back" to individual emails. Did those work better? Were they too difficult to create/maintain? I think, good templating in Marketo can certainly help you create mono-thematic webinar programs and emails very quickly. Use tokens, clone from template programs. That's where Marketo really shines.