Webinar Newbie!

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Webinar Newbie!

So we will be launching our first webinar at the end of October and I am very interested in utilizing the Marketo inegration with GoTo Webinar to send out the invitations using our current prospects. However, there are several avenues in which we can promote the webinar, such as industry blogs and sponsored emails in which I can provide a registration link for additional interested prospects to sign up as well.

My question is once we have the webinar setup, does Marketo and/or GoTo Webinar provide a link that can be shared for interested registrants to sign up that do not currently live in Marketo and/or Salesforce? Or if they do and they sign up using that link, will the names sync into Marketo as a new lead? I'm just looking for an easy way to distribute the registration link and be able to still track registrations, as well as capture new prospects. 

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Re: Webinar Newbie!

Hi Brittanie, welcome! 

As part of your webinar program, you should create a landing page "Registration" page with a form on it. That form should trigger the registration status in the same program. You can share that landing page all over and any "NEW" leads (by email match) will be synched into Marketo, and then - depending on your rules within Marketo - synced to Salesforce (if you have it set up that way, some people have additional qualification rules before leads get transfered into salesforce). 

If you're interested in tracking LEAD SOURCE, I would recommend you search on the community about LEAD SOURCE and LEAD SOURCE DETAIL "hidden" fields within your forms, and creating individual URLs using the url builder to track back all the different channels you will be using to drive traffic to the registration page.

Good luck with your first webinar! 
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Re: Webinar Newbie!

Oh - to answer your question, if a lead submits the form and is already in marketo then marketo automatically appends that data/activity to the existing lead. You don't need to do anything else on your part. 
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Re: Webinar Newbie!


Please see the GTW Guide

The steps are roughly
  1. Setup webinar connector to GTW: admin>launchpoint>new
  2. setup program that is webinar
  3. create webinar in GTW - turn OFF emails from GTW
  4. select webinar in Marketo Program
  5. setup flows for sends, registrations - very impt that Progression Status > Registered is FIRST in the reg flow
  6. create emails for invitatin, confirmation. The link token is created by GTW and inserted into the email using this token {{member.webinar url}} <--this is what gets sent to registered lead
  7. create form
  8. create landing page in Program

Now, new leads will be created in Marketo and synced to GTW properly. There is nothing else you need to do.

As Naor suggested, you could track specific promotion channels using a url parameter and lead source (or other fields) by inserting that link into the invitation and other platforms. This link points back to the LP you created in Step 8.