Webinar invitation - defining an audience

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Webinar invitation - defining an audience

Hi guys,

I've set up an Event program in Marketo and the first step would be to invite people to a webinar. But I have a problem with defining my audience (the goal is to send the invite to the whole datababase, excluding those who didn't give us the marketing consent). My filters are: Consent: Opted In, Consent: Unconfirmed, Do Not Mail: False, Subregion 2: Poland


In my opinion these filters should qualify several thousand people, but I still can see 0. What am I missing? Can you please advise?

thanks a mil!



Re: Webinar invitation - defining an audience

You use twice the same filter "Consent - Email Opt-in Events", meaning that your target group should be both "Opted in" and "Unconfirmed" at the same time (what probably can't be the case).

Just use the first one (Opted in) and it should work (here I am a bit guessing because I don't know the field structure in the background).


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Re: Webinar invitation - defining an audience

It looks like you can define multiple variables to filter your Consent - Email Opt-in Events field. Click the green + and add Unconfirmed. That sets the filter to return records that match either variable.

The way you've set up your smart list would work, too, if you choose Custom filters instead of All: (1 or 2) and 3 and 4. Using the multiple value chooser is cleaner, though.