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Wait Step

I'm trying to capture leads visiting a landing page but not filling out the form. in the smart list, I have visited web page; not filled out form in the past day.  Then the Flow is Wait 5 minutes, changed program status to Visited Page. 

I understand everyone will "visit page" first before filling out the form.  Will the wait step remove all those who filled out the form?

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Re: Wait Step

Hello Sherin,

Since a lead can only move forward in the program status, so long as your Form Completiion status is a higher "step" than visiting the webpage, you will be able to differentiate between those who visited vs. those who visitsed and completed the form easily.  I would set up the following trigger campaigns:

Trigger 1 
Smart List - Visits Web Page = Page A
Flow - Change Program Status >  Visited

Trigger 2
Smart List - Fills Out Form,  Webpage = Page A
Flow - Change Program Status > Converted

Then, when viewing the program dashboard, you can see the total who visited the page (Visited + Converted) and those who just visited.