Visits webpage but does not fill out Gravity Form

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Visits webpage but does not fill out Gravity Form

Hi all,

This is probably going to sound really over complicated and I'm now worried I am over thinking! Any guidance will be much appreciated!

Just trying to work out the flow steps for this:

FYI: We are using Gravity forms in wordpress and not Marketo forms.

We want people to click on CTAs in an email and then go on to fill out a form and download our material.

If they do not fill out a form, I want to send a trigger email to a Sales Person to let them know their lead/opportunity has shown an interest in our resources and taken no action (more just for their benefit)

On our website if you fill out a form, you get a different URL after form fill.

My current setup is:

*Clicks Link In Email (with CTA)

*Does Not Visit Webpage (With Completion URL)

Will this work? Do I need to stagger this trigger out - is it possible to say like, 5 mins after click, and no fill out, the trigger sends?

Currently Marketo forms are not an option

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Re: Visits webpage but does not fill out Gravity Form

Claire Higgins

Hi Claire,

Yes you'd need to stagger this out, otherwise the condition would trigger as soon as the person clicks on the link.

I would trigger the smart campaign when someone clicks on the link, and then wait 30 minutes before giving them a program status of "visited page" or adding them to a static list.

Have a separate smart campaign triggered based of that program status change or static list addition with an additional filter of "not visited [your thank you url] in past 30 minutes" which will then trigger the alert.

This will give you the most control in case the person has visited a thank you URL in the past, it may be important to have a time constraint.

Also ensure that no additional parameters on the thank you URL break your filter - you may need to use "contains" if this is not predictable.

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Re: Visits webpage but does not fill out Gravity Form

Ahh thanks for this Justin! Fab stuff!