View Website visits for specific pages

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View Website visits for specific pages

Hello, i´m wondering if it is somehow possible under Analytics to see a total number of visits for a specific page/website (which has the munchkin code on it) and in a given time frame, not being a Marketo Landing Page, but the own website. Just like Google Analytics does it. We want to have this data along the other data in Marketo and not have to check out Google Analytics (also because not everyone who sees the stats in Marketo should also have access to google analytics..). And I wonder because the numbers are already there, you can see how many times a specific lead visited a page, so how can it not also show a total number, for instance if i set up a smart list and filter by a specific page and timeframe. It only shows the numbers by lead, but not total visits.

I know this is possible for Marketo landing pages, but my questions are specifically for external pages, that only have the marketo munchkin code.

This question (or a similar one) has been asked before in 2014, and there was appearently no solution. But maybe there has been an update and i´m not seeing it?

Thanks for your insight!

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Re: View Website visits for specific pages

You can try a couple of things.

  • Visited Web Page filter
    • but you won't get a true count per lead, just at least or exact
  • Web Activity Report for a time frame.
  • Do something special with GA to tie lead data back to visits, assuming your GA code is on Marketo pages.