UTM Sync for Non-Marketo Pages

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UTM Sync for Non-Marketo Pages

We have a few ads running on google that point to our website home page and I'd like to track when someone goes from the homepage to "request a demo"page which has a marketo form embedded. Our forms are setup with the hidden UTM fields, however the querystring isn't registering in marketo. 

I use this asset to figure out how to get the UTMs to register form page to page: https://blog.teknkl.com/quick-and-dirty-utm-forwarder/ 

Good news: I can see the UTMs in Marketo

Bad News: The program they are getting attributed to is the wrong program. For some reason the "google" utm source isn't registering in my smart campaign so when some request a demo our general web program picks them up. 

What should happen: These people should get added to our advertising program. Heres a pick of my advertising program smart list which works for all marketo landing pages (obviously). And here's a link to our google ads with utms: http://joinhandshake.com/employers-premium/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=employer-b...pastedImage_2.png

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Re: UTM Sync for Non-Marketo Pages

Pls show the details of the Filled Out Form activities in the Activity Log.