UTM Parameters upon Form Submission?

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UTM Parameters upon Form Submission?

I was looking through GA to see how our recent RTP Campaign performed when I noticed something strange.

It appears as though our thank you pages, which are only navigable from marketo 2.0 forms, are pulling in utm parameters for this campaign. We then dug deeper and noticed that this is also happening for pretty much all other campaigns including Google Adwords and Retargeting. We're 100% sure that we are not driving traffic directly to the confirmation pages.

When we tested our forms, we noticed that there are no visible parameters attached to the confirmation page, leading us to believe that they are there but invisible, or google analytics is wrong.

Does anyone have any insight?

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Re: UTM Parameters upon Form Submission?

This would happen if you had a script saving UTM params to cookies when they appear in the URL, and then hidden fields on the form set to Autofill from those cookies.  Do you see hidden fields on the form?