Using Webhooks To Update All Records on a List

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Using Webhooks To Update All Records on a List

We have a scenario where we email a large volume of subscribers daily with an email that details 'reports pubslihed' today. We reach out, using webhooks, to out API to return the appropriate image, link, title etc...for such reports.

In this instance all subscribers are receiving the same repots in their email, they simply change everyday.

As webhooks are called at a record level, this is a slow process (hours) as it updates each record with the relevant information (stored against the lead record), to display at point of send. As there are no changes in the content between lead records, is there any functionaility within Marketo or method that would allow us to effectively update all records on the list via a webhook as one (as the content changes daily, but is the same across all records each day), in a way that does not involve the time scales the current record buy record processing presents?

I've tried tro read around the community and not found any suggestion this is possible.The closest I've found is the following article:

If there is no current fucntionality to allow for this, and and idea does not already exist I will raise it as an idea, as I believe this will enhacne the product.
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Re: Using Webhooks To Update All Records on a List

Perhaps velocity scripting or dynamic content would work better for you.