Using Sales Alerts to update field on SFDC lead

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Using Sales Alerts to update field on SFDC lead

We are trying to find a way to give sales an easy way to update the lead status field from their mobile phone through a sales alert. The goal is to send actionable alerts to the sales team on new leads with a very simple, and easy way to follow up straight from the alert without having to log into SFDC and update the record there.

So far, we've figured the process would look like this:

  1. Lead owner receives alert for new lead
  2. Lead owner clicks on action button
  3. Action button takes owner to simple landing page
  4. Landing page has 3 buttons to change the status to one of the three options
  5. Whichever button they choose is what the lead status will update to in SFDC

What we are trying to figure out is how to link to the lead record in the sales alert so the correct lead updates. Is there a parameter we could use for the lead ID? Or could we use the email address?

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Using Sales Alerts to update field on SFDC lead

Kymberlee​, please move the question to Products​. "Community" is for questions about the Marketo Nation website itself -- and yes, this is very confusing.

The answer is simple: follow the Referral Form pattern. There are lots of threads explaining how this is done, most of them mostly right , and this blog post is authoritative. Your goal is, in practice, the same idea: the refer-er is filling out a form on behalf of another person, updating the refer-ee's lead record instead of their own.

The easiest way to get the email address into the form is to add it as a query param ({{Lead.Email Address}}). Add Email Address to the form as a hidden field, setting it to AutoFill from that query param (leadEmail); don't turn on PreFill for the field. When the lead owner clicks submit, the form submits in the context of the lead, but because the field is a proper Referral Form, that form post happens in its own "silo" (i.e. does not inadvertently associate the lead owner's Munchkin tracking session with the lead her/himself).