Using radio buttons in a form

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Using radio buttons in a form

I want to use a form to allow me to collect information on one of three registration options I am going to give customers for a workshop.  I would like to add three radio buttons to the form in a way that allows me to see the answers.  I have successfully added the buttons (I was also able to add a pulldown menu)  but when I pull the field into the report I can only see true or false.  I am pretty sure this is a field management issue.  I do not want this into to be pushed to SFDC so I am looking for a way to collect and see this info in Marketo only.

Help?  Thanks, Kelly
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Re: Using radio buttons in a form

Here are some links to article that may help.

I'm pretty sure that you should use a select box/pulldown in this situation instead, because Marketo assumes T/F on radio buttons. Each radio button is TF meaning that if you had 3 options, you need 3 fields with TF:

Option 1: T
Option 2: F
Option 3: T

Whereas Select box will allow you to insert the value you desire into the field. You will still need three fields unless you know how to make it a multiselect box.

You should create a Marketo only field "Option 1" as a String field. Then you can do what you want.