Using Program Status in Velocity

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Using Program Status in Velocity


I would like to retrieve the program status of a certain program for a lead using Velocity. The reason why I want to do this is because I want to send different e-mail content blocks, depending on which program the lead attended in the past.

Does somebody know the appropriate syntax?

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Re: Using Program Status in Velocity

Hi Simon,

From a sysadmin point of view, having cross-checks on program status on a lead in order to have Apache generate custom HTML is pretty resource-intensive, so it actually makes sense that Marketo doesn't allow you to reference programs in Velocity. :X

That being said, there are multiple ways to work around this to get your outcome of different content blocks: you could always use a field and/or custom object to store program attendance history. If you're looking to avoid that, you could always do some work with snippets and segments to make things work if the event setup isn't too complex. For scalability I'd recommend using custom objects, though.