Using Google Font in Emails

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Using Google Font in Emails

Hi, I'm trying to use a Google Font in our emails to streamline with our branding. (Yes I know about issues with non standard fonts. Explained to Branding team about possibly defaulting to Helvetica/Arial)

Someone suggested using @font-face in the <head> area which is what I did. (Original post: )

I tried that by editing the code which is from an installed template and it looked good in the Marketo email interface and Preview area. But when I send a test, the email (in Gmail) is completely broken.

Does anyone have any ideas or something that works?

Thank you!

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Re: Using Google Font in Emails

Google fonts are webfonts, they'll load in your browser but not ALL email clients.

If you open your email using the marketo system view as webpage link (note some email clients are adding their own view in browser links and these may not work), the fonts will work - and the marketo previewer is essentially doing just that. But actual email clients are more restrictive in the HTML/CSS it supports, @font-face being one of them, many email clients will essentially re-write the raw HTML so what you're seeing in the email client isn't what you wrote in your email editor

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Re: Using Google Font in Emails

Hi Yvette,

Oddly enough, Gmail/G Suite doesn't support its own font use--or any @font-face use for that matter, because it's not in their rendering engine. Please refer to this CSS Support Guide for a breakdown of what clients are supported.