Using CSV for Dynamic Email Content

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Using CSV for Dynamic Email Content


I am attempting to create an email send with dynamic content. This will be an email send to about 1,000 contacts.The content that needs to change would be 4 images that will be different for each person receiving the email. This information lives in a CSV file. The reference point would be the email address in Marketo would match the email address in the CSV. I would then need it to pull in the images URLs in the same row in the following four columns and populate those images into the email for each person. I've used dynamic content, such as tokens, before but never anything like this. Is this even possible to do in this way? If so is there a process doc or page that can help me do so? I've looked, but have been unsuccessful in finding one thus far.

To summarize, I have a CSV with email addresses followed by image URLs. Is it possible to match the email on the Marketo email send to the CSV and pull content dynamically into the email that way?


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Re: Using CSV for Dynamic Email Content

Quick work if you have a webhook engine, which would write the results back to one or more fields. You would only need a single textarea field to hold all the images for a lead, since you could use a Velocity token to further parse the 4 URL values. Or you could write the 4 image URLs to 4 fields and just include them that way.  (Of course, you could also merge the CSV into the database, since the import will dedupe on email address and that's the same dedupe key as in your CSV.)

Alternately, you could paste the entire CSV (it doesn't sound that big, if only 1000 lines of short text fields) into a Velocity token. Then use another Velocity token to search and parse it.