Using a dynamic URL in an email autoresponder

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Using a dynamic URL in an email autoresponder

I'm creating a generic email autoresponder whenever anyone signs up for our on demand webinars (videos on our site, not live webinars).  I want to include a link to the webinar they registered to watch, but I dont see any way of getting that URL and the webinar title into the email if its an email to catch all. 

Do I have to create a unique email for every webinar or is this possible to do?
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Re: Using a dynamic URL in an email autoresponder

If you use a field to capture what webinar the registration is for, then you could use a token to include the value as content on the email. For example, you can create a field in Marketo called "webinarurl". Then you can include that field as a hidden field on the form and depending on your preferred method, you can assign the webinar URL on it (based on a URL parameter, using Javascript at the page level, etc.). Your autoresponder email will simply use a token to populate that on the message.

I have used tokens on the links before to use dynamic content and it works like a charm.

Good luck!