User Profile Restrictions

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User Profile Restrictions

I was wondering if it's possible to create a user that is restricted to only updating very particular fields in my Marketo database?

I need to give access to an API that I don't fully trust and I need it to update only 5 fields when a particular event occurs that this service is tracking - is there some way to do this?  Can a Marketo support person do this?  While I can do this is SFDC, I want the information to flow from Marketo first as I have smart campaigns relying on the information change.



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Re: User Profile Restrictions

If you can't block all other fields from API updates (which would apply to all API connections) then you'd have to build an API gateway. AWS API GW can def'ly do this by filtering input. It's easily built if you don't mind leaking the access_token (which could then be maliciously used out-of-band) but more complex if you want to create a substitute security layer as well.