Uploading a lead list question

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Uploading a lead list question

Hi everyone,

When I upload a lead list in Marketo, I always see that not every lead makes it into Marketo. For example, I would upload a lead list of 231 and only 221 are uploaded while 198 are acquired. What does "acquired" mean and what are some possible explanations for why 10 of them were not uploaded?

Thank you so much for your help!



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Re: Uploading a lead list question

So - let's say you upload 221 and 198 are "acquired". Acquired means that they are a new person/lead in your database when you upload the list. This means that 23 leads were already in your database and Marketo deduped against them on list import, so they were not acquired by this list import.

Reasons for the discrepancy between 231 on the list and 221 uploaded could be there were duplicates names/emails on the import list (these would only be imported once), or there were some errors in the email addresses on upload, so the lead was skipped on upload. If you put an email address in for a report when uploading lists, Marketo sends you an email that outlines any errors that occurred.