Unsubscribe Issues across Partitions

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Unsubscribe Issues across Partitions


I am looking for some advice/best practices for Unsubscribing with multiple Partitions.

  • Leads are allowed to live in multiple partitions
  • There are custom Unsubscribe Fields for each partition
  • No Global unsubscribe option, only unsubscribing to the specific partition

During testing, the lead's Activity log was only updating in one (incorrect) Partition. The lead should have been showing up as Unsubscribed in a different Partition, but it was not. Scenario described below.

Lead 1 lives in Partition X and Partition Y

Lead 1 fills out Unsubscribe Form Y

Lead 1 not showing as Unsubscribed in Partition Y. But in Partition X, the Unsubscribe Y field is showing as true.

Both Unsubscribe forms work for leads not in both partitions.

Does anyone have an idea how to tackle this situation?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Unsubscribe Issues across Partitions

should have been showing up as Unsubscribed in a different Partition

"should" based on hope, perhaps, but not on the technical level. There's no expectation that custom fields (of any type) will be automatically synced across different leads that happen to have the same email address.

You should read override Marketo "unsubscribe" system flow action ​ for related info.

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Re: Unsubscribe Issues across Partitions

Thanks for the response Sanford.

I understand the information not syncing across multiple partitions, but If the Custom Field only applies to a specific Partition, I'm confused as to why it is not reflecting in the specific Partition.

Thanks again,


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Re: Unsubscribe Issues across Partitions

"Lead 1 lives in Partition X and Partition Y"

Well - that's not possible. If what you're saying is "Lead 1 lives in Partition X and Lead 2 (with same email address) lives in Partition Y", then they are entirely different records and will not have anything to do with each other, so using those custom Unsubscribe fields will never update both. Only the out of the box Unsubscribe field updates the unsub value across records with the same email address in the same instance.

You have to treat each record as a completely unique individual in this scenario, even if they are the same person and kept as deliberate duplicates.